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Now Available -- A Christmas Wraith, a Funny Fantasy Novel 


A Christmas Wraith, the seventh novel in the SPECTERS ANONYMOUS funny fantasy series, is now available at your neighborhood Kindle and nearest Amazon.Com.

The eighth novel in the series, Snow Night, Snow Fright, is scheduled for publication before Halloween 2021.   

Let the afterlife continue!


SPECTERS ANONYMOUS (the program) is the 12-step plan that helps the afterlife's newest arrivals learn to kick "the sunshine habit," avoid Tossers (a.k.a., poltergeists) and appreciate the role of chocolate in the second plane of existence.

Specters Anonymous (the book) introduces Ralph, the hereafter's newest bundle of confusion, cockiness, misinformation and hopefulness.  As a member of the St. Sears group, he "trudges the path to a happy naptime," aided by his sponsor Cal, his friend Gilda the Goth, Rosetta the group's leader and head grammarian, Gwendolyn founder of the afterlife's only detective agency, and Edgar Allan Poe, Richmond's favorite dead poet. (Published December 2012.)

Nelle, Nook & Randall continues the saga of Ralph's quest for a spectral relationship with an Uber-Spirit.  Newcomer Randall and a mysterious blotch of darkness known only as Shade plot to become the Uber-Spirit in question.  And Edgar Allan Poe launches a 300-foot raven against his enemies. (Published December 2013.)

The Infernal Task of Eamon T. Lado chronicles Ralph's efforts to help newbie Sheila as she tries to find out where the harps are hidden, and Willbard, an ectoplasmic bundle of rage who spends her nights in a wall.  Looming over Ralph's adventures is a strange sprite called Eamon T. Lado, who makes it clear that he's "here for Sheila."  Whatever that means. (Published December 2014)

Died and Gone to Richmond follows Ralph as he tries to help newcomer Veronica learn that having her own wake didn't make her an expert on the hereafter.  His task is complicated by a mysterious light that appears in shadows favored by Richmond's trendiest set, on-going discord between spooks who think the color of their old uniforms matter, and a seer at the state fair who sees more than the spectral scene wants seen. (Published September 2015.)

Heck's Angels are the raucous riders of the afterlife who roar into Ralph's neighborhood in a blaze of bad grammar, poor posture and an independent attitude that's to-die-for. "I'm not afraid of Death," the biker chief says. "It's afraid of me." Joining the posthumous menagerie is Fred-As, a strangely named spook whose spectral feet can't stand still.  (Published October 2016.)

Spook Noir follows Ralph into the Ace Acme Afterlife detective agency, where the hereafter's go-to shamuses hang up their trench coats and fedoras. "If it ain't worth taking a few slugs in the chest," the Triple-A's chief says, "it ain't worth doing."  Ralph sets the tic under his left eye on Sophie, the one gal who's really gotten under his ectoplasm.  (Published October 2018.)

A Christmas Wraith makes his/her/its appearance when Ralph joins the gang preparing to stage the afterlife's version of the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. A new spirit named Esmerelda makes a serious bid to play Marley's Ghost.  Edgar Allan Poe has his own casting ideas.  And Ralph explores a spook's options for spending the holiday season. (Published November 2019)

Snow Night, Snow Fright will pick up the story of Ralph's progress toward transcendence.  Without giving away the plot, the eighth novel in the Specters Anonymous series will have lots of derring-do, a few moments of tenderness and a salvo of humor, plus dialogue, descriptions, sayings from the Teeny Book of Specters Anonymous and plenty of verbiage. (Scheduled publication Halloween 2021.)

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